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Content Creation Process Checklist

Content Creation Process Checklist 4

Content creation is about catering to the interests and challenges of your target audience and the ultimate inbound marketing tool.

Before you start creating content, you need to know why you are creating content.

Good quality content helps businesses attract, engage new visitors which means benefits your business, so potentially generate additional revenue.

What is content creation?

Content is a huge part of all our lives. Content keeps us up to date with things going on in the World, answers our questions, makes us smile, guides our decisions and educates us and much more.

You’re providing free and useful information but make quality a priority! Far better to produce go copywriting content less frequently and ensure it’s awesome.

Content creation requires a plan and aimed to make visitors feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Content marketing is an important part of most marketing campaigns.

Content Creation Checklist

Content Creation Process Checklist 5

Content Goals

Purpose of Page and marketing goals. Every piece of content created should be aligned with your content goals and your desired outcome.

Content Creation Process Checklist 5


Keyword research is a fantastic way to discover how well certain topics attract potential customers. It also gives you new ideas for content that you may not have considered yourself.

Content Creation Process Checklist 5


Investigate what your competition is writing about and carry out google searches for what content is performing well.

Understand your audience.

Content Creation Process Checklist 5


How much time and money do you have available? Have a clear budget and time schedule.

Content Creation Process Checklist 5

Type of Content

 Craft content in a format that is most easily and enjoyably consumed by your visitors and potential customers. Ask yourself which type of content will gain the most traction or engagement.

Content Creation Process Checklist 5

Offer solutions

Offer solution to peoples problems. How can you help? How can you benefit someones business?

Content Creation Process Checklist 5

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPI – metric you’ve chosen to measure how well your content is doing

  • Sign Ups: Visitor submitting their contact information
  • Social Media: Visit content via a social post
  • Direct Traffic: Visit the website directly by typing into browser’
  • Organic Traffic: search engine result page

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