Simple Content Sharing Checklist

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Simple Content Sharing Checklist

Social media is a great opportunity to share your own content.

Content sharing is key to getting your blog posts seen by people because just writing and publishing articles on your own website isn’t good enough.

If you want to gain any real traction with your content, you need to look beyond publishing content on just your website.

Interesting fact…
One of the mind-blowing facts about social media is that; there are nearly 3.5 billion active social media users, and every 6.4 seconds a new account has been created.

Sharing content on industry and niche platforms and contributing to the industry as a whole is the best way to grow your expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness in Google E-A-T the three factors Google use to measure how much trust it should place in your site.

Sites like Medium and LinkedIn give great opportunities to share your own content, which gets seen in front of a huge amount of people. Remember not to share low quality, uninteresting content but share knowledge and help resolve people pain points.

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Simple Content Sharing Checklist

Gain traction with your content.

Increase traffic to your full blog posts on your website.

Allows you to republish your existing blog posts they even add a rel=canonical link.

LinkedIn Articles

Use existing network

Personal accounts

Business accounts



Use employees with active Reddit accounts who may occasionally share blog posts.


Email subscribers are more loyal to your brand.

Email CTR (click through rate) are higher than on social media posts.


Twitter moves fast

Use hashtags when sharing content to find the right audience.


Personal – Dont spam family & friends consider creating a Facebook list for work folks.




Facebook / LinkedIn have groups.

Join a supportive community on your niche where everyone shares each others links.


Add some content in caption of the image and add the link to the content to bio.

Instagram Stories only last 24 hours


Visualise your content, slideshow videos, animation, maybe even an office discussion on the topic.


Creating a shared board and allowing other people to add own content on the topic.


Get as much as possible out of your content.

Images, video, short article, respond to people questions using the content

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