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Basic Technical SEO Checklist

Basic Technical SEO Checklist 9

Technical SEO are the technical changes you can make to help search engines crawl, index, and rank your website content.

Making sure the behind-the-scenes elements that can help you power organic growth search engine results. 

Having the best content in the World that is useful and well-written, but if a search engine can crawl it and index it, very few people will ever find it.

Technical SEO Checklist

Improving web page speed and speed test your website.

Slow websites frustrate people so they move onto another.

Compress all of your files.

Include canonical tags to prevent duplicate content

Make it easily crawlable for search engines include a robots.txt file for crawl efficiency.

Prevent a page from appearing in search results by adding noindex tag.

Multiple languages content or multiple versions of the same page but in different languages hreflang tells search engines so the correct version is displayed.

Landing on a page that doesn’t exist.

Always redirect pages when you delete it or move it.

HTTPS makes sure data cant be intercept between the browser and the website.

Install a SSL certificate to implement HTTPS.

Google acknowledges  importance so therfore  google made HTTPS a ranking signal.

Structured data helps search engines understand content on your website.

Format described on Schema.org.

XML sitemap is a roadmap for search engines to navigate your website

There are many factors involved in optimising websites for search engines. From basic SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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