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On-page SEO Checklist

On-page SEO Checklist 9

On-page SEO or Onpage optimisation is the process of optimising each individual webpage to perform the best it can. Impacting on the pages ability to rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Helping it rank higher in organic search results and earn more relevant traffic from the search engines can help you get the visitors that your business wants. 

On-page SEO Checklist

Search Intent

Matching search intent, the why behind the search.

Why did someone make the search? To learn something? Wanting to buy something? Looking for a solution to a problem? 


Include keywords in important places like at the beginning of content, in sub headers and throughout your content.

Keyword density – Dont over stuff it with keywords as this can have a negative effect on rankings.

Great Content

Create good content and cover the subject in-depth to answer questions and give the answer the searcher is looking for.

Hyper-relevant to specific subject with int content.

Content must supply a demand and so great people want to link to it.


Keep them short and descriptive.
Include subject / keyword in URL.

Clearly define the hierarchy of the information within the page.

Example: http://www.yourwebsite.com/SEO/On-page-SEO

Meta Tags

Make sure you add title tags and meta descriptions.

Include subject / keyword in the tags.

Image Descriptions

Add ALT tags to all images. These are description of images to help search engines understand

Include subject / keyword in the image alt text.

Easy Reading

Aim for simple and easy to read content without lots of jargon.

People are more likely to read all the content if its answering questions and easy to read and so bounce rates will drop.

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