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Effective Landing Pages Checklist

Effective Landing Pages Checklist 2

Landing Pages offer a amazing chance to capture and convert customers. Landing pages should be tailored to answer questions or solve a pain point for your customer. It can be a great tool in your digital marketing campaign.

Understand who your target buyer is, define their buying journey, and then make a landing page that does what it needs to do to encourages them to make that final leap to covert.

Customer journey mapping was originally used by UX designers, can be a great tool in digital marketing plan. Identifying the steps a person takes in their buying journey to eventually press that buy button.

Landing Pages Checklist

Buyer Persona

Know who you’re talking to the type you of person you are targeting with your landing page.

Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping documents the steps a person takes in their buying process.


Landing pages should have singular purpose. Other options allow them to navigate away and thus decreases conversion chances.

What is the purpose of the landing page? 

What action do you wish visitors to tak

Keep it Simple

Quick and easy is key. To get a buyer to take the action, the action must be simple to take.

Example: Forms limit fields keep to bare minimum what you need. 

Analyse Data

Track everything! Is it working how expected? Analysis the problem points and make changes. 

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