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Google Advanced Search Operators Checklist

Google Advanced Search Operators Checklist 4

Google advanced search operators  make your searches more specific. They use special commands that give you a more detailed search results for a much narrower search that make regular search results look fluffy.

The search operators refine searches based around coding language that offer you shortcuts to getting defined search results.

The results can offer  insights into keywords and help find SEO opportunities by narrowing your search.

Also consider looking at Google Basic Search Operators as they still offer more powerful search results.

Google Advanced Search Operators Checklist


site: limits search results to a specific website.

Example: site:checkify.com


Locate websites that relate to that target domain.


intitle: searches for certain words within the title.

Use “quotes” for exact-match phrases.

Example: intitle:checklist or intitle: “checklist”


Search page titles and similar to intitle. Find keywords in the titles of web pages containing all of the specified words.

Example: intitle:checklist


inurl: Locates certain words within document URL. 

Example: checklist inurl:resources


Like inurl: but containing all specific words in the URL.


Search for a term in the body/document text.

Add phrase words in quotes to get exact match.

Example: intext:checklist or intext:”checklist”


Search body text for every individual term containing all the specified words following “allintext:”.


Search for specific file types like PDF, DOC, XLS, and TXT for example.

Also can ext: to search extensions to get similar results.


Proximity search to locate  two terms/phrases within (X) words of each other.


Search for specified anchor text/phrase.

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