Podcast Creation Checklist

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Podcast Creation Checklist

Podcast creation is booming in both business and personal interest arena.

These audio shows offer bite-sized chunks of information, right at people’s fingertips. This simple listening format gives people a quick and easy way  to gain knowledge by learning from others in their industry / niche area.

Creating a successful show is about planning and know who is your audience and who are you targeting before you start.

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The process involves recording, editing and uploading to share your content with your audience. Create somewhere your followers can gain knowledge because you provide valuable and in-depth information. 

Develop your own style and angle? What will be your theme that relates to your interest or relates to your business industry and audience’s passions.

Podcasts create communities of like-minded individuals who share the same interests.

Podcast Creation Checklist

Creating a podcast.

Who is will be your audience? ​Understand the demographics of your listeners. Decide who are you targeting before you start recording.

Goals and Objectives

What do you want to achieve from your show? It’s important that you clearly understand what your goals are.

Planning and Outline

How can you create an engaging informative show for your listeners? What reason to listen to you?

Format, Subject, Length, Structure

Podcast Name

Choosing a name is difficult, should it be descriptive, creative or your own name?

Descriptive – Doing exactly what it says on the tin. Creative – Clever based around a topic or niche.​Your Name – Have an audience already.​

Make sure there aren’t any other podcast already using the name.


Do you have the podcast equipment you need to get started?

Computer, microphone, recording and editing equipment.

Having a high quality recording establishes you as an authority in your niche.

Audio Editing

The importance of high-quality audio is so important because however great and engaging your content is if the listener can’t hear it clear they won’t listen.

Hosting Platform

You need a place to store and distribute your audio files. They offer file hosting and RSS feed and link between you and your audience..

Where will you be hosting your shows? Need to find a reliable host.

Website and Social Media

Research where your listeners are and make sure you are active on that platform.

Interacting with your listeners on social media or answering questions shows authority in your chosen subject.

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