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Podcast Equipment Checklist

Podcast Equipment Checklist 12

Want to create a podcast? We have created this essential Podcast equipment checklist to help you get an idea of the basic items of equipment you need to record a high-quality podcast. 

Whether you want to be a podcaster to create a business podcast or personal one to share your passions or interests. Whether on a shoestring or a larger budget it is relativity easy to get started.

Essential podcast equipment to get started are:

  • A computer
  • A microphone

The choice of podcast equipment depends on the type of podcast creation you’re planning on producing.

Podcast Equipment Checklist

Computer / Laptop

Something to record your podcasts onto and upload your .mp3 file.


The main piece of equipment is a microphone.

Don’t use your computer’s built-in one but get a USB microphone to get started.

Audio Interface

Essential part of your computer based recording setup and bridges between your microphone and your computer.


Put your podcast together giving you control over levels, inputs, outputs, and much more.

Pop Filter / Windscreen

Minimise or prevent unwanted sounds and filters out plosives from your voice.


Help adjust the way you’re using the microphone.

Mic Stands

Easily move the microphone to a comfortable position.

Recording software

Digital audio workstation (DAW) software used for recording, editing and producing audio files.

Shock Mount

Cradle that holds your microphone and cuts down on vibrations.


A quiet space or consider investing in some soundproofing material.

Cut down on echoes and improve the sound quality.

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