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Reverse Image Search: How to Checklist

Image appears on the web enabling you to find the original source of an image or identify where your image appears in on the web.

Reverse image search finds where the image appears on the web enabling you to find the original source of an image or identify where your image appears on the web.

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The reverse image is a lot like the normal keyword search, but instead of using words/keywords, you get to search for images instead which is pretty cool.
The search results give you details of the image sizes, description, and the exact pages with links where you can find them.
This can be extremely useful in finding out facts about the image, copyright status, and track copyright violations on your intellectual property allowing you to identify if other people are using it.
This can be done on both Google or Bing or any major search engine.
Find related or similar images with reverse image search

Google: Reverse Image Search Checklist

Open Compatible Browser

Compatible browsers Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Go to Google Images

google image - Reverse Image Search
Open Google Images search the internet for image content.

Select Camera Icon

Camera Icon - Google reverse image search
Go to the right side of the search box and click on the camera icon.
When you click on the camera icon it will pop up a box for you to supply the image you want to reverse look up.

Up Load Image or Paste URL

Search By Image - Google Reverse Image Search
Two options are available URL or Upload Image.
Upload the image you want to lookup choosing the image file from your computer. You can either drag and drop into the search box or uploading from the saved file on your computer.
If you have not saved image on your computer you can paste the image URL
Remember you can only search one image at a time not multiple.

Click “Search”

Search results will give you photo’s dimensions, along with the source page’s title description along with URL.

Icons reveal more about the image type and by moving the mouse over the icon it shows the full tags details, and even video length.

Bing: Reverse Image Search Checklist

Select Image Option

Bing - Reverse Image Search

Your can drag the image into the search box, upload the image, and paste a URL or image.

You can find the image search option on Bing in the top left hand corner or select the camera icon at the end of the search box.

Unlike Google, you can do more than just one image at a time.

Bing Visual search