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Social Media Goals Checklist

Social Media Goals Checklist 3

Social media goals or what you what to achieve by having your business on social media platforms.

There is no “correct” answer to what your social media goals and objectives should be. You can’t afford to ignore this process it will help you identify the specific steps and actions you need to take to get the results you want.

Using data to understand what’s creating the most traction in terms of engagement, clicks and revenue. Understand the effect of the time of the day, which day of the week creates better results, one platform over another could give you better results, or even certain topics.

Social media customer service also gives you potential to respond quickly before it gets out of control.

Set you social media goals as part of your social media strategy.

Social Media Goals Checklist

Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness

Website Traffic

Drive traffic to your website

New Business

Generate new leads

Increase Revenue

Increase signups or sales

Brand Engagement

Boost brand engagement and connect with clients

Community Building

Build a community around your business

Customer Service

Provide social customer service

Provide social customer service

Listen to conversations about, your industry, pain points or your brand

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