Staff Documentation Checklist

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Staff Documentation Checklist

Staff documentation is important paperwork that both parties need to have completed before you start work. Generally, it will require staff to sign a number of documents.

The first week for a new staff member is a busy time for both employer and employee. Typically busy with paperwork and a variety of job-related details that need to be completed.

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These important documents are needed to start a new job.

Incorporation into your onboarding process and staff induction.

Staff Documentation Checklist

Important paperwork both parties need to complete.
Contract of Employment Issued

Agreement between employee and employer setting out terms and conditions.

Signed Contract Returned

Once job accepted, there is a legally binding contract of employment between the employer and the applicant.

Eligibility to Work

Is the new staff member eligible to work in country?


UK – P45 Received

P45 is a document received when you leave a job.

Criminal Records Checks

Applied and Received statifactory results.


References contacted

Reference Received

Job Description

Copy of Job description Issued so aware of what is expected.

Staff Handbook

Staff handbook to guide the new staff member in how the company runs.

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