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Staff Documentation Checklist

Staff Documentation Checklist 7

Staff documentation is important paperwork that both parties need to have completed before you start work. Generally it will require staff to sign a number of documents.

The first week for a new staff member is a busy time for both employer and employee. Typically busy with paperwork and a variety of job-related details that need to be completed.

These important documents are needed to start a new job.

Incoropration into your onboarding process and staff induction.

Staff Documentation Checklist

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Contract of Employment Issued

Agreement between employee and employer setting out terms and conditions.

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Signed Contract Returned

Once job accepted, there is a legally binding contract of employment between the employer and the applicant.

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Eligibility to Work

Is the new staff member eligible to work in country?

Staff Documentation Checklist 8


UK – P45 Received

P45 is a document received when you leave a job.

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Criminal Records Checks

Applied and Received statifactory results.

Staff Documentation Checklist 8


References contacted

Reference Received

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Job Description

Copy of Job description Issued so aware of what is expected.

Staff Documentation Checklist 8

Staff Handbook

Staff handbook to guide the new staff member in how the company runs.

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