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Staff Induction Checklist

Staff Induction Checklist 7

Staff induction is key to building a great relationship from the start.  The Induction is a great way to introduce employees to their new place of work.

Inductions exist to help new employees to integrate into their role and their new working environment.

Staff induction or “on-boarding”  is the process for welcoming new members of staff and supporting them to adjust into their new working environment and new roles. 

Staff Induction Checklist

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Start Date

Clarify a start date for both parties.

Staff Induction Checklist 8


Who will the new staff member report to?

Staff Induction Checklist 8


Have all documentation been completed? New Staff Documentation Checklist

Staff Induction Checklist 8

On Arrival Tour

Tour pointing out where everything is and where they will be based.

Remember Toilets, Tea and Coffee making facilities and fire points.

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Issue Security Pass

Entry pass, Parking permit

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Organisation Overview

Who’s who Structure

Introduction to Team

Internal Contact List – Email and Phone numbers.

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Provide Equipement

Essential equipement. laptops, tablets, phones etc

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Health & Safety

Health & safety checklist has to be addressed to make working life safe.

Fire Safety training and knowledge

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Employee Benefits

Pension Details

Annual Leave entitlements/schedule

Health Cover

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Duties & Responsibilities

Clearly outline duties and responsibilities.

Reporting structures

Performance review process

Staff Induction Checklist 8

Procedures and Policies

Explain the companies Procedures and Policies

Staff Induction Checklist 8


Arrange training that is essential to be able to carry out job.

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