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Website Launch Checklist

Website Launch Checklist 7

Website launch checklist is important for both launching a brand new website or even if you are redesigning an existing one. Because it is so easy to overlook things whether you are a small business creating your own website or the most seasoned digital marketers.

Websites are made up of so many components it can be a complex task. Instead of worrying about missing something we have put together a comprehensive checklist to help you not miss a thing before your website launch.

We also have a technical website launch checklist.

Website Launch Checklist

Website Launch Checklist 8

Website Security

Website security to keep customers data private and secured.

Website Launch Checklist 8

SSL Certificate

Digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Proofread Content

Checking content for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Remove Test Data / Debug Code

Website code used to test for errors or to help determine the cause of an error.

Website Launch Checklist 8

A/B Testing

Comparing two versions of a web page to work out which is better performing.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Check Typography

Consistent font size, colour and spacing.

Typography is important for user experience, perception, and readability.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Legal Pages

What website legal pages should your website contai

Website Launch Checklist 8

Check Forms Work

Make sure people can make contact.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Check Payments Work

Can people make payments? Have you changed to live from test environment?

Website Launch Checklist 8

Google Analytics

Tracks and reports website traffic.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Create Sitemap

List of pages on web site to inform search engines about URLs on a website.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Cross Browser Compatibility

 Making sure your website displays on as many browsers as possible.

Examples: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

Website Launch Checklist 8

Mobile Friendly

Make sure that your site looks great on all devices.

Website Launch Checklist 8

Broken Links

Broken links are links that don’t work. These can have a negative impact on your websites SEO and user experience.

Harmful to your relationship with Google.

Website Launch Checklist 8


XML Sitemap for search engines and important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Website Launch Checklist 8

Optimise Images

Images which are not optimised cause of slow page loading.

Website Launch Checklist 8

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Improvement of search engine rankings using basic SEO website methods.

Website Launch Checklist 8


Dont loss all your hard work make sure you can restore your website in case something goes wrong.

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Louise Burton-Payne

Checklist Ambassador

Digital marking, SEO & social media are a great passion of mine. Love to be ultra organised and love checklists and to-do lists so dream situation to hybrid the two with Checkify :-) Technology can help reduce the pressure and stress of trying to remember everything. Automation saves time and reduces mistakes.

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