Apocalypse Checklist

Apocalypse Checklist

Plan in case of the total destruction on a catastrophic scale and the end of the world.

Apocalypse Checklist helps you plan in case of total destruction on a catastrophic scale and the end of the world. 

Priority must be to get your bug out bag and get to a safe place. Thinking and planning your escape route and suitable final destination for a long term survival scenario.

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'Prepper' refers to the apocalypse as the collapse of civilisation.

If the world as we know it could be ending and you are trying to survive a nuclear holocaust or a zombie attack be prepared!

Apocalypse Checklist

Planning for total destruction on a catastrophic scale
Bug out Bag

Bug out bag has all the basic to survive for the first 72hrs of an apocalypse.


Drinkable water is more important than food in the short term in a disaster situation.

Portable water filters and water purification tablets.

Food and Utensils

Long life nonperishable food, tinned food,

Basic cooking equipment: Pots, pans, can-opener, plates and cultery.

Light and Power

Provide reliable power and most efficient.

Low energy LED light bulbs. Windup torches.

Solar , Hydro, and Wind power.

Tools and Equipment

Multi-tool, swiss army knife

Gardening tools, axe, rope, screwdriver, sewing


Seeds give the ability to grow your own food.

First Aid

Prescription drugs and other medications.

Iodine tablets to be used if nuclear incident.