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Emergency Survival Kit Checklist

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Emergency Survival Kit Checklist

Emergency survival kit coupled with appropriate clothing like waterproof clothes.

Have all the critical gear you need to survive in an emergency situation. The basics like food, water, emergency shelter, some form of lighting, and a first aid kit to name a few important things.

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Whether you are a prepper preparing for an apocalypse or nuclear attack or just a hiking trip is your survival kit ready? 

Emergency Survival Kit Checklist

Critical items you need to survive in an emergency
Emergency Shelter

Emergency Storm Shelter/ Bivvy​ / bothy bag to provide some protection from the wind and rain with high visibility.

Survival Blanket

Survival thermal bag / space blanket to retain body heat in survival situation.

Light Source

Illumination – Candles, head torch, handheld torch with extra sets of batteries.


Non-perishable food and high energy.


People cannot survive more than 72 hours without water. Having no water will kill you fast.

Water bottle or water bag and water Purification Tablets

First Aid Kit

Treat wounds and medical emergencies.

First Aid – Plasters, bandages, tape, antiseptic cream, pain-relief, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine.

Basic equipment -scissors, safety pins , tweezers


Map and compass to help navigate your way back to safety.


Fire-Starting like matches, lighter, tinder box or spark / flint for fires.


Multi-tool or swiss army knife.

Mess Kits

Plates, utensils and mugs.

Rescue Signaling

Whistle for audible, mirror to signal location from a distance and matches to light a fire.

Solar charger for mobile phone and an app called three words.

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