Business Processes help stop mistakes

Business Processes help stop mistakes

14th March 2019 in Checkify Blog

Business Processes help stop mistakes

As the cliche goes, "we learn from our mistakes" well at least, we should learn from our mistakes.

Things do go wrong but the most important thing we must understand why.

You need to know where it went wrong and how it happened because without this knowledge you’ll repeat the mistakes over and over again. You need to identify and impliment changes that stop it reoccuring again in the future.

Businesses run by following a number of processes and procedure in their sales, marketing, accounting, customer service and human resources. If these business processes are documented on a checklist we can see at which stage the process goes wrong or fails. Business Processes help stop mistakes as we know exactly what happened and how we can take steps to stop it happening again.

Avoiding Mistakes using Checklist

Imagine sending out a mailshot to all your clients about a great promotion you have running and you get no sign ups? Its a great offer so you really can't understand why you have had no take ups. Well, it turns out the link within the email marketing promotion was broken so failed when clicked on. Meaning no one got to see that amazing offer. By creating an additional task within your marketing process pre-release checklist of 'check for broken links' you could avoid this mistake error from ever happening again.

As simple as adding precautions to the process

Register the problem, amend, improvement and avoid error again

Look through existing processes, create a process library and continually optimise processes so saving you from errors and saving you time and money. Business Processes stop mistakes and help boost productivity.

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