WordPress Optimisation to help your website perform faster and make a better overall user experience for your visits. Google uses this data as part of its core web vitals and influences your website rankings within the search engine.

WordPress is a great way to get your business a website for very little cost and without any website building knowledge.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, used by millions for business websites. WordPress allows individuals with no coding experience to create websites and blogs.

But a large majority of these sites are slow and unresponsive, which is very frustrating to visitors. And this has a major impact on the search engine rankings of your site. With WordPress optimisation techniques you can improve the speed and performance of your site by changing some settings and making some changes to the server choice.

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Why is Website speed important?

A website with a fast load time will have higher conversions, more sales and ultimately, more leads. Why is this important? Because, as we know, the average person spends up to 30 seconds before they make their final purchasing decision.

Google now ranks websites based on how quickly they load. It’s also a ranking factor in their mobile-first Google algorithm. The average site takes 2 seconds to load, which is why it’s so important that you get your website speed right.

How much does your website load? You should always be looking at the loading speed of your site from multiple angles: Is the site loading properly on desktop and mobile? Does the site load fast when people search for it on Google? Are there any errors in the source code of the site? Is there anything slowing down the loading speed?

If you’re not sure how to check for errors or what you can do to make your site faster, then we’ll give you some tips on how to improve your site speed. We’ve identified some of the most common problems that cause slow loading times, and the best ways to fix them. To help your website rank on Google.

Checking WordPress Website Speed

If you don't know if you should be concerned about your website speed use the Google page speed tool to perform a Core Web Vitals Assessment as part of the Lighthouse performance score. This will give you a clear indication of how well your website is performing.

They classify the website speed in a simple traffic system, red, amber and green when you have passed the speed test with flying colours.

0 - 49 (Red): Poor
50 - 89 (Amber): Needs Improvement
90 - 100 (Green): Good

google pagespeed indicator

Each element of the page is timed for its loading speed for your visitor.
Not all parts have to be green to get an overall green passed score. Want to understand more take a look at Lighthouse performance scoring.

Optimise WordPress Website

Website optimisation to increase the speed results in google can be tricky but this basic WordPress optimisation checklist are important elements to look at that can have a huge effect on the speed of your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Optimisation Checklist

Here are some common optimisation techniques for WordPress.

Web hosting companies can be very slow without you even knowing.

Selecting a service that focuses on hosting WordPress sites

Themes and Templates

WordPress themes and templates can be very bulky, bloated with excessive code and very slow so selecting the right template is critical. Look for lightweight themes

'Hello Theme' is a very clean template to use with WordPress Elementor editor.

Optimize images

Image size and format - use webp format and resize to the correct size required. Serving a large image will slow everything

WebP developed by Google offers far more compression up to 34% smaller compared to JPEG or PNG.


Caching enables you to reduce pressure on the server to keep generating a page over and over again.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins can help you do many things but they can also hinder your website speed. Remove any unnecessary,unused or slow WordPress plugins.

Content Delivery Network CDN

CDN offers the ability to serve your website to your visitor from the nearest location. CDN stores a copy of your website across the World in many different locations enabling you to speed up the page load time and lower latency. CloudFare offers a CDN service.

There are many other tools to help you know how your website is performing. Google search console, google analytics can offer many different insights into how your website is performing.

What is Google Analytics?

Use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and see how it's performing

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that allows you to track the behaviour of your visitors, their activity on your website, and how people interact with your content. You can set up Google Analytics on your website without the need for coding or any knowledge of programming. It’s completely free, and is an invaluable tool for improving your business and understanding your audience. What are we using it for?

How to add a Google Analytics code to my website? Once you've installed the Google Analytics code on your website, you'll need to add the tracking code to each page that you want to track. 

What is Google Search Console?

You can use Google Search Console to analyse how well your website is performing in search engine results (SERPs). This includes things like the number of visits to your site, and how often you're featured in search results. 

Also includes page experience, google discovery, performance and mobile useability.

Continuous Optimisation Process

The whole process of optimising a website is a continuous process. It is never fully done with changes and updates potentially affecting your results. Check analytics at least weekly and maybe a review once a month and make changes where necessary.

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