Job Offer Process Checklist

Job Offer Process Checklist

Job offer is a formal letter  sent once you’ve found the perfect candidate to join your team. 

Job Offer Process

Verbal Offer first before you send an official written offer to check they are still interested in the potential.

Formal written job offer letter.

Job offer is made on the condition that the results of the checks are satisfactory.

Only approach the candidate’s current employer with the candidate’s permission.

Independent person in a respected position who knows the candidate well.

How long the offer remains open.

How much notice required by current employer

Date employment will start.

Confirmation why the job will be based.

Outline basic salary. Total yearly wage. Also if pay is weekly or monthly

Employee benefits, bonuses, profit-sharing, stock options.

expected working hours and times.

Holiday entitlement or holiday rights is time you are entitled to paid holiday.

Job description/Job title - Description of job responsibilities

Full time/ Part Time / Contract

Allows an employer to terminate an employee if not doing the job to standard.

Any terms and conditions like Qualifications, passing exams and health checks.

Time the job offer is on the table.

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