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Hiring Process Checklist

Hiring Process Checklist 5

Hiring Process to  find new employees. There are  important steps to complete in the hiring process to hire a new employee.

The hiring process is the process of finding, sorting applications, selecting the possible candidates that fit the job criteria to interview. 

The process includes testing candidates, selecting between potential candidates to find the right person for the position.

This simple step checklist help to ensure that you find the best person for the job.

Hiring Process Checklist

Hiring Process Checklist 6


Determine what type of job vacancy you need filled.

Identify special qualifications, characteristics, and experience required from a potential candidate.

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Job Description

Create a job description with list of the skills and responsibilities.

Hiring Process Checklist 6


Post job. Determine where will be best to post the job opening.

Advertise internally so current employees can apply and make referrals.

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Applicant Screening

Actively review Candidate Specification. Scrutinise CVs and cover letters, to narrow down the job applicants.

Hiring Process Checklist 6


Do you need a skills / test assessment? Can they do the job that they claiming they can do?

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Pre-Employment Checks

Conducting background pre-employment checks

Criminal record
Verify employment history and eligibility

Hiring Process Checklist 6


Arrange interviews and type of interview example: Skype video, telephone, or in the office in person.

Hiring Process Checklist 6


Identify the most suitable candidate for the job.

Identify backup candidate.

If no candidates meet the hiring criteria, the hiring process should start over.

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Job offer

Telephone, email informal job offer.

Official job offer letter stating the position’s salary, start date, and other any other terms and conditions.

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Reference Checks

Professional references should be contacted.

Hiring Process Checklist 6

Onboarding Process

New employee onboarding process getting new employees adjusted to new environment.

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