Google Search Console Verification Errors Checklist

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Google Search Console Verification Errors Checklist

Google search console verification errors are reasons you cannot prove ownership of your website/ domain name.

Search console verification is a process that Google requires you to confirm and prove ownership of a website. Every domain requires at least one verified owner.

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If you don’t verify your site ownership it can affect your presence on Google Search results.

Google Search Console Verification Errors Checklist

Special HTML File

Removing the verification file from your website will make you to lose verification.

  • Not found
  • Wrong content
  • Hacked
  • Redirects to a disallowed location

Using Incorrect tag/snippet/files. Remember to use the ones provided at the beginning of the verification process.

HTML tag

Adding <META> tag must be within the <HEAD>

Wrong location: correct page, correct place

DNS Record

Add a new TXT record with domain name provider.

Error looking site’s domain name.Could be server down, or an issue with routing the DNS.

Analytics Tracking Code

Google Analytics tracking code associated with the website.

Place the tracking code in the <head> section, not the <body> section or, verification will fail.Only use the exact code provided; do no modify in anyway.

Google Domains

Registered a domain with Google Domains should be automatically verified.

It should verify automatically when added to Search Console.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager account container snippet code.

Server Timed Out

Was your server down, busy or responding slowly?

  • Unable to connect to the server need to clarify that the server is not down.
  • Website or the domain server has stopped responding to requests.

Check server and response time and try again.


Redirected too many times could it be in infinite loop?

Invalid Response

Does the website require a password authentication?

Unknown Domain / DNS

Check that you are submitting the correct URL for your website.

Check spelling errors, and correct extension (.com, etc)

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