Search Console Verification Methods Checklist

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Search Console Verification Methods Checklist

Google search console verification is a way to prove who owns a website/ domain name.

Once verified, you can monitor and manage your websites and use search console tools and reports.

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (originally called Google Webmaster Tools GWT) allows webmasters to check on website indexing status and work on visibility by optimising the websites. 

Free service from Google to allow everyone with a website ability to monitor how it is working in the search engine results page (SERP) and offer tools to help optimize performance.

These Google tools and reports can help you measure how your website is performing, search traffic, and identify issues that could affect rankings, and generally make your website shine for search engines like Google.

Crammed full of useful statistics to help improve your website rankings, insights about the performance and learn about the people who visit it.

Google Require One Verified Owner

New websites need to add and verify websites with Google Search Console before you can do anything else. Verifying your website proves that you’re either the domain / website’s owner, webmaster, or another authorised user. 

Once you have verified, you need to confirm ownership in Google Search data because every domain /property requires at least one verified owner.

Don’t forget to verify your site ownership which may affect your showing on Google Search results.

There can be many reasons why you may be getting google search console verification errors when trying to verify ownership.

Search Console Verification Methods Checklist


Upload a specific HTML file to your website which is uniquely tied to a specific site.

Note: Require some experience working with HTML code.


Add a tag to the HTML on a specific page.

DNS Record

Add DNS record in the domain name. provider. Login to your domain name provider and add a new TXT record.

Google Analytics

Add a Google Analytics tracking code specifically for your website.

Google Analytics (GA) enables you to monitor website traffic.

Google Tag Manager

Tag manager snippet code must also publish permission on the page.

Google Domain Registration

If you’ve used Google Domains, to register your domain you should be verified automatically.

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