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Staff Leaving Checklist

Staff Leaving Checklist 6

Staff Leaving and officially tendering their resignation needs a number of steps to make  their departure run smoothly. 

Leaving a job is big decision for anyone so making the whole process simple and painless can help both the employee and the business owner. 

Unexpected shock of a staff member leaving can throw a business into turmoil unless all the business processes are documented to enable a smooth handover. Business process management allows every process within the business to be documented and have a detailed process to guide new members of staff taking on that role.

Staff Leaving Checklist

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Written Confirmation of Resignation

Written formal letter dated and signed of intention to leave.

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Contract Notice Period

Check employment contract terms. What period of notice is required?

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Work Notice

Do they need to work out their full notice period? Are they going to work a competitor?

Do you require them to leave straight away and go on gardening leave?

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Formal Announcement

Telling other members of staff. Agree terms.

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Handover Period

Adequate time for the employee’s replacement to be trained in key tasks and responsibilities.

Staff Leaving Checklist 7

Exit Interview

Understand why the employee wants to leave. 

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