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Web Hosting Checklist

Web Hosting Checklist 4

Web hosting is a essential service for any business who has a website as it allows you to publish your website or web application onto the Internet.

Web Hosting is somewhere to “host” your website a home for your site and its content to live. Businesses who offer these services are call web hosting companies.

A web hosting is a business that provides the technologies  for the website to be viewed in the Internet.

Websites are “hosted” on special computers called servers. 

This checklist helps you learn what you need to look for in a  hosting company and how it works.

Web Hosting Checklist

Web Hosting Checklist 5


How much data can be transferred at a time. The more visitors you have the more bandwidth you will need.

How much traffic do you currently receive?

Web Hosting Checklist 5


Images and Videos take up a lot of space

Web Hosting Checklist 5

Customer Support

Make sure you can get help 24/7. If your website crashes at an important time you need to know someone is there to help.

Many companies are based all over the World and you dont need to be worried what the time is somewhere else in the World to see if you can get assistance.

Web Hosting Checklist 5


Flexibility as you expand and need to upgrade service package.

Web Hosting Checklist 5

Email Addresses

Email address for your domain name e.g [email protected]

Web Hosting Checklist 5


 Prices vary hugely so make sure you are getting what you need for the best price. How much can you afford a month?

Web Hosting Checklist 5


Reliable service, great support and good performance.

Web Hosting Checklist 5

Back Up Service

Automatic backups of website and database saves you the worry of losing your data.

Web Hosting Checklist 5

Types Hosting

Free Hosting: Will have many limitations. Storage, restricted bandwidth, some no ecommerce and many require you to carry adverts over your website.

  • Shared Hosting: Sharing a server with a number of other sites.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): Sharing with others but fewer sites.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Totally flexible and and not shared with anyone else.

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