What is a Business Process?

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Business Process Design: Three Main Types

What is a business process? It is a question often asked and often people are surprised that all businesses have them and use them even if they are not aware. 

Business processes are essential to running any kind of business and the conception dates back to 1776 with Adam Smith and increasing Pin production.

Defining and understanding what a process is and why processes matter in business can help your business become more efficient and productive.

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What is a Business Process?

 So, what is a Business Process? A business process is a series of steps you need to take to perform and complete a task in the best possible way.

The breaking down complex business processes into a series of smaller steps which have their own attributes but all contribute to achieving the overall defined goal of delivering the best service or product to a customer.

A business process is like a task on a checklist that defines the best way to complete each task. They can be as simple or complex based on the number of steps or systems involved in the process.

What are Examples of Business Processes?

There are many business processes that we all use on a daily basis without even knowing. 

Business process example:

Employee Onboarding
Sales Process
Deploying software
Backup Processes
Customer Service / Customer Success
Billing & Accounts
HR Processes

The business process should be documented so you have a guide on how best to complete a task.

The Benefits Of Using Business Processes

The benefits to business is vast and can help improve your business in a number of ways:

Business Process Management

You can manage business processes using  BPM Business Process Management or BPMS Business process management system/software

BPM software is about managing and improving your company’s business processes. 

Business process management software allows you to complete simple or complex processes, based on a varying number of steps, the number of systems involved in achieving a certain objective or goal.

Checkify Process Management

Now you know what is a Business Process is and what benefits they can offer business. Consider process documentation so you know the way your business runs,  a guide in case of a key person leaves or a disaster hits. 

Checkify is a business process management software (BPMS) and task management software that you can document your processes in the form of checklists so everyone can work through the stages not missing any steps and reducing mistakes.

Checkify allows you to create repeatable business processes, assigning the best person to carry out each of the tasks, set a due date, define who must approve completion and trigger additional processes with the power of bots.

Checkify allows you to improve processes with analysis and increase workflow.

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