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Website Technical Launch Checklist

Website Technical Launch Checklist 7

Website technical launch are the bits that run behind the scenes when you produce a website for your business.

You might not see them as so important as the visual aspect of the design. They are what make the site run and allow search engines to find you.

Ready to launch your  new website? Checked the functionality?

Website Technical Launch Checklist

Creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser.

Domain Name System  phonebook of the Internet.

Web browsers interact through IP addresses.

DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load websites.

Roadmap of your website that leads search engines to all your important pages. 

Different browsers read the website code differently

It is important for website to fully functional on different browsers that are available in the market.

Content responds and  adapts based on the size of the screen.

More and more people use smartphones for browsing websites.

Check your website code complies with the standards set by the W3.

Published date of  the website don’t forget to update each year.

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