Checklists Help Manage Business Processes

Checklists, workflow automation and business process management software all tie together
Checklists Help Manage Business Processes

Business processes are the ways you deal with processes and procedures within your business. 

Have you had a bunch of tasks that you had cautiously planned to execute systematically but eventually it turns out there was an error in the accomplished tasks? You need to improvise a checklist.

Create a checklist to list tasks or items to be completed or to be done, fettles to be verified or viewpoints to be considered. Basically, a checklist is a check off for the successful completion of any task. Manage workflow business processes in a sequence of linked tasks or processes that need to be executed for the accomplishment of a goal.

Checklists, Workflow and Business Processes Management

A workflow or the series of processes engaged in a business can be referred to as business process management. This describes the discipline in operations management in which implementation of various means to disclose, design, resolve, moderate, enhance and automate processes.

When the discipline is automated, it can be tasked to specific business process management software. Businesses differ in how they get their work accomplished. Some rely on manual procedures like pen and paper forms while others automate their processes, thus implementing different management software.

Checklist and Business Process Management

Checklists, workflow automation and business process management software all tie together in the creation and accomplishment of a business goal. Incorporation of checklists in the execution of these processes optimizes efficiency by:

  • Breaking complex tasks down – With a the power of a simple checklist, complex tasks can be broken down into easy, more manageable tasks.
  • Easing communication – They ensure that in case of an inevitable difficulty while tasks are being executed, professionals involved diligently consult each other and coincide on the way forward.
  • Creating order – Make a checklist help your business save time and money, you get a logical framework that ensures all tasks are arranged in a working order.
  • Rousing incentives – They oversee general progress of a business which in turn motivates you to push on.
  • Enhancing and Increase Productivity – verifying accomplished tasks however small helps you get more work done at a higher rate.
  • Ensuring perfection – They ensure that no task is forgotten or left unaccomplished therefore the aftermath is quality and magnificent work.
  • Sparking up creativity – coming up with a checklist gets you thinking out of the box, opening you up to new ideas that you otherwise may not have thought of.
  • Correcting allocations – while delegating tasks, checklists may help you realize that a certain member is more suitable for a particular task than another.

Checklist Magic

To efficiently run your business processes, adopting a checklist will do the magic for your business. Be it a ‘read-do’ checklist whereby team members pause and make a quick scan of the checklist for confirmation purposes or a ‘do-confirm’ checklist whereby team members execute tasks from memory and experience, the two options achieve uniformity.

This is demonstrated by the fact that all processes are executed the same way by all team members every time. The two above mentioned checklist options include a check-off section once you complete an outlined task. This keeps the productivity of team members in check and offers guidelines on task allocation.

Workflow Process

To expertly execute these processes, you can count on a workflow management process. This is the sequential and repeatable series of tasks, rules, and decisions that are effected and executed based on user-defined conditions to execute a specific process.

Improvising workflow process helps you optimize your processes including streamlining it for exceptional results and efficiency.

What Checklists Can Achieve

Exactly just how large a difference does using a checklist potentially have for your business? An interesting research study conducted by Dr. Atul Gawande, author of the Checklist Manifesto, powerfully answers this question. Dr. Gawande tested the effects of using a simple checklist during surgery to reduce central line infection rates.

Checklists Reduce Mistakes In Study

The study was conducted in 8 different hospitals in several different countries. These hospitals had varying budgets and were of different types because Gawande also wanted to see if the checklists would prove effective regardless of these factors.

The checklist was simple and mostly included common-sense steps that were no brainers to all surgeons. However, when one of these steps is passed over, it increased the patient's risk of infection, longer hospital stays, and even death.

So what happened when the checklist was implemented? There was a massive reduction in infection rates across all 8 hospitals. This shows that the power of a simple checklist cannot be overlooked. And the best part is that this not only applies to one industry, but to all of them, including business.

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Why is a Checklist Important?
Does the running of your business include several repetitive tasks? If there’s no guidance or procedure in place it’s possible for some of the steps in the process to get forgotten. It could be because a person is distracted or they’ve simply forgotten. When something gets forgotten it’s much harder to recover than if they’d completed the task right in the first place. Read More: Why is a Checklist Important?
Checklist To Reduce Mistakes

We all carry around an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that we want to apply effectively, but we are all prone to make mistakes. There’s only so much we can store in our heads without forgetting something. How to maximise our use of knowledge?

The simple answer to this problem is to use checklists.

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Types of checklist
How many types of checklists are there? Two. What are the two types of checklists? Read-Do and Do-Confirm checklists are about how you use checklists. Read More: Types of checklist: What are the two most powerful Checklist Types?
Checklist Software

A checklist is a way to document each step needed to complete a task. A detailed set of instructions, a guide of how something is done. 

Checklist software allows you to document every step of a process to be used over and over again.

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