Business Process Example: 35 Processes That Businesses Need

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Business Process Example: 35 Processes That Businesses Need

What makes businesses successful is the way they do things. The way your business works, how it is efficient and productive. How you operate and what makes you much better than your competitors. These are your business processes. Why Business Process is important?
Optimising your business processes and business functions can help the business work even more efficiently and give you the edge. This is why business process management is essential.

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Business Process Example

What are Business Processes?

Business Processes are a set of linked tasks/steps that accomplish a specific business goal in the delivery of a service or product to a customer.

Business processes are designed to produce and complete a specific task.

Business processes were used to improve productivity as far back as the 1700’s with Scottish economist Adam Smith increasing production of the humble pin.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

So what is business process management? The process of managing and continuously improving business process within your business.
This can be done by documenting processes with a pen and paper, spreadsheet or with business process management software.
We have compiled a list of different business process examples that you may use in your business.

Human Resources Processes

What does HR do? It’s a little odd to refer to people as ‘human resources’ but HR is responsible for your most important asset, staff. Keeping them happy and healthy is essential as they contribute to any business success.

Human Resources Processes

Business process example of HR processes
Human resources planning (HRP)

Plans for hiring needs in the future. HR needs to balance both long and short term staffing requirements.

Recruitment and Candidate Selection
Employee Hiring & Onboarding

Job Offer Process to make a formal job offer.

Employee Onboarding process new employees are key to getting them up and running and keeping hold of great talent. Introducing them to the team, helping them understand their role, and helping them feel confident in the new working relationship.

New Employees Health & Safety and staff induction.

Performance Management

Performance management is a process of analysing how well each employee is doing in their jobs and working out ways to help them improve.

Success management, performance, appraisal planning, monitoring, reviewing, and then rewarding performance.

Learning, Training & Development

Empower employees to be the best they can be. Learning, training and development help develop new skills and upgrade skills to benefit the business.

Employee Leave & Holiday Requests

Everyone needs time off whether holidays (Annual Leave), maternity leave and paternity leave or even sick leave.

HR Compliance

HR compliance is critical to make sure laws are being complied with and regulations followed.

For instance, pre employment would cover the right To work.

Policies & Procedures

HR Policies and Procedures safeguard both employer and employee.

Disciplinary process & Grievance to deal with unacceptable or improper behaviour.

Succession Planning

The succession planning process is about having a plan in place for contingencies if a key employee decides to leave the business.

Employees OffBoarding

Employees leaving and moving onto new roles


This can be difficult as no one wants to have to go through the redundancy process but there are strict rules on how it is performed.

Customer Success Processes

The customer success process is about establishing, developing, and building business relationships ensuring clients achieve what they need to with your product or service. 

Customer Success Processes

Business process example of customer success processes
Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding is the first experience a customer gets working with your business make it a great experience. The customer success process is one of the most important business processes.

What best suits your business? For Instance, an introductory phone call to introduce yourselves with a follow-up email with all the important they may need with contact name and details. Maybe you have a self-service onboarding process that can guide clients.

Customer Problem-Solving Process

Proactively providing answers and solutions to problems they may encounter. From self-service knowledge base, phone number, customer success manager, email help or even live chat help.

Customer Success Feedback

Customer success involves continual contact, follow up and asking clients for their feedback on your product or service.

Business Finance & Accounting Processes

Finances and accounting are essential business processes.

Business Accounting Processes

Business process example for business finance & accounting processes
Business Budget

Business budget help maintain a healthy cash flow

Financial Analysis

The financial analysis process is about evaluating business success, project viability, costs and budgets to determine their overall performance.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic business planning is the process of establishing the direction of the business.

Expense Management

The expense management process focuses on payments and audits business overheads.


Business Payroll to pay staff their wages, pay taxes and health & pensions.

Payroll year end

Taxation & VAT (UK)

Corporation Tax, End of Year Accounts, VAT, dividends, income tax and PAYE.

Debt Recovery

Overdue Invoices

Business Operational Processes

Operational processes are day to day running processes

Business Operational Processes

Business process example of business operational processes.
Procurement Management

The procurement management process is about identifying and implementing certain steps to ensure that goods are acquired and services meet.

Business Strategy

Strategic business planning is the process where you set out goals and document the direction of your business. Identify Business Opportunities and Threats.

Quality of Product/Service

Goal-setting, analysis, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring quality of product.

Policy Reviews

Proactively schedule a time to review all business policies and procedures.

Background information to why the change is needed, Policy proposals, document outcomes of research and policy analysis, document meetings and consultation and drafting new versions.

Business Development

The business development process for identifying, nurturing and acquiring new customers and business growth opportunities.

Processes to help develop and implement growth -Partnerships, new markets, trends, networking, trade shows and new business opportunities.

Market research and strategy

Know your market doing market research.

Sales & Marketing Processes

Sales and marketing process how you attract new leads and persuade them to become your customers.

Sales & Marketing Processes

Business process example for sales process.
Sales Process

Lead Generation sales person: Prospecting, business proposal, qualifying, presenting, closing the sale and then the nurturing process.

Customer Journey

The customer journey or steps the customer takes along the sales funnel.

The sales funnel is the buying process that customers go through when purchasing products/services.


Step-by-step blogging process process

Social Media

Social media account needs

Social media Strategy, Social Media Goals,

Think about security with Social Media Security Audit.

Email Campaigns

Sending emails to prospects and customers process


Nurture your leads


Keep the website up to date and accurately reflect what your target audience is looking for.

This is your shop window so make sure it reflects what your customer wants.

Keep on top of website security.

Process Management

Now you have seen some Business Process Examples.
Other information that can help you with business processes
Business Process Mapping
Business Process Improvement
Business Process Reengineering
Process Innovation
Business Process Management
Process Automation
Process Documentation

Configuration Management Process

Checkify Business Process Management Software

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